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Flix Student Cinema offers a variety of advertising opportunities for societies, student services and other commercial entities internal and external to Loughborough University. Our rates are competitive as we exist entirely as a not-for-profit charitable service for the members of Loughborough University. Money raised through advertising is invested into new equipment, maintenance costs and reducing ticket prices.

If you are interested in promoting an event, a product or increasing awareness then consider the options we can provide. By advertising with us, your adverstisement will be seen by thousands of people who come to see our films, or read our publicity, across the whole of campus.

Please try to contact us at least two weeks before your advert needs to be displayed, but we can often accomodate last minute requests. We reserve the right to refuse advertising on any grounds, and external entities should be aware that we may be subject to restrictions imposed by our sponsors.

Prices are subject to change.

We run a slideshow before the scheduled start of all our screenings, where slides are displayed for 10 seconds in rotation. Multiple slides can be purchased but cannot be queued consecutively. We do offer video advertising (2 mins max) on the main screen. Slides must be exactly 1365x768 pixels and in Landscape orientation, in PDF/JPG/PNG format or on a PowerPoint slide.


Pre-Show Slide Advertising

Loughborough Clubs/Societies: £3 per slide per showing or £5 per video per showing

External Entities: on request


Advertisements will be shown in Term time slots running from the start each term. Bookings for multiple consecutive terms are welcome. We are also able to accommodate alternative time frames upon request.

Book Advertising by contacting:



If you are interested in sponsoring us, please contact our sponsorship secretary( for more information.