Q. What is Flix Student Cinema?

A. Flix Student Cinema is a fully operational Independent cinema run by students for students. Flix is part of Societies within the Student Union.


Q. Where is the cinema?

A. Flix is based in the Cope Auditorium next to the School of Art & Design on Epinal Way. View Map.


Q. When do you show films?

A. Flix has a regular Sunday performance at 5:30pm & 8:30pm and we also show International films every fortnight on Thursday at 7pm. All films are shown during term times througout the Loughborough University academic year.


Q. Do you have to be a member to watch your films?

A. No you do not have to be a member of Flix to watch our films. You will just need to pay the non-member ticket price to watch a film.


Q. What are the benefits of becoming a member?

A. Becoming a member of Flix gives you a saving of £45 over the year if you attend all our performances. Membership also gives you first refusal on social trips, the option to train to operate our cinema industry standard digital projector (with possibility for qualification) and access to the Flix loyalty programme.


Q. Why should we pay to watch a DVD?

A. Flix shows films which are DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) compliant using an Industry standard  Barco DP2K-10Sx Projector which was installed in the summer of 2013. Films sourced for Flix will arrive either electronically through a LANsat Media Receiver or on a USB hard drive (from the film distributor), but Flix is able (on request) to show DVD or Blu-Ray content if those options are not available.


Q. Why do you not show 35mm film?

A. The movie industry has transfered to digital only versions of films. It was decided by the committee that Flix did not have the funding to run both 35mm (for niche events) and Digital Projectors in parallel. It is with a sad heart that Flix has had to say goodbye to its long faithful friend the Victoria 5 Projector (known affectionately as Vicky).


Q. Do you need to know the language to watch an International film?

A. No, all our International films shown have subtitles in English.